From Licking the Spoon

Baking often starts out as a childhood activity in Grandma’s kitchen, and my experience was just that. I’ve grown up watching and participating in baking all of my life. I was always amazed at the time, effort and results that my mother gave in creating a birthday cake for family or friends.
I decided that I would give baking a try. I have ventured into painting, photography, sculpting and music; baking would just be another step. I found that food can be a very rewarding medium. While the actual baking process is as much science as art, I see desserts as another media to express myself. I have used all my visual art disciplines in my baking and enjoy the creative challenge of new themes and subjects.

While visual art needs to appeal to the eyes, food art must also appeal to the tongue. I strive to find new and exciting flavours as much as I try for new and exicting creations. Each work is an experience; it must stir the imagination, stimulate by smell, and please by taste.

I have been baking by special order for over 7 years, for occasions ranging from birthdays and office lunches to weddings. I am currently located in Kelowna, BC.