Taste Matters

Its not all about looks, but what’s inside that counts. All my cakes, cupcakes and cookies are full of flavours, whether traditional or experimental.

All flavours shown below can be used for both cakes and cupcakes. I love experimenting with icing flavours, so if you are interested in something unique, just let me know and we’ll test a few combinations together. The more I know about your event, or the person who the dessert is for, the better I can help you with flavour selection. Please note that, as all icings are not created equal, pricing may vary.

Cake Flavours:

French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Chocolate, Red Velvet, German Spice, Maple, Almond, Lemon

Buttercream Icing/Filling Flavours:

Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate-Hazelnut, Chocolate-peanut butter, Chocolate-mint, Almond, Maple, Chai Tea Latte, Caramel, pina colada.

custom flavours are available.