Dr. Who Chocolate Tardis

    My brother’s birthday is this week, and he is a Dr. Who fan like myself, so I couldn’t resist combining my Sci-Fi interests once again with baking.Chocolate making isn’t something I do very often but sometimes I do use it when making cakes, but I did just chocolate this time. Bulk Barn had exactly the right colour of dark blue chocolate so I didn’t even have to colour it!

    I made a large, hollow Tardis with solid chocolate mini-Tardis and Daleks. I experimented with filling them with ganache and was successful with a few, but because of the difficult shapes, I found it very hard to get them out of the mold without cracking the outer chocolate shell. Solid chocolate worked based for the smaller ones.

    I haven’t done a full 3D hollow chocolate before so this was a first. I bought some binder clamps from the dollar store for this one. I filled 1/2 the mold with the chocolate and then clamped the 2 halves together. I shook and twisted the clamped molds around and then put into the freezer to harden.

    Next time I make these, I’ll make sure to brush both sides of the mold with a layer of chocolate before attaching and shaking. I had a few instances of air bubbles along the sides so I’d rather have a nice, covered surface next time to avoid bubbles.

    They came out of the mold so well; I was very pleased with the results.