Music Cookies

    I got to experiment with a few new techniques with these cookies – rice wafer paper flowers and mesh stencils. I made some rice paper flowers, lightly dusted with a mixture of gold and bronze. It was tricky getting the flowers curled and to stay curled. Rice paper is hard to work with as if you get it too wet, it turns to mush but if its not wet enough it cracks. I think it would be easier with a larger flower, but I like the delicate look of wafer paper flowers.

    I also got to work with mesh stencils for the music notes. Getting the consistency of the royal icing was a bit tricky, and working with a cookie was hard as you have to keep the stencil flat against the surface or the transfer doesn’t work as well. I didn’t mind that the image was a bit faded as I wanted a bit of an antique look to the cookies.

    I will be on the lookout for more cookie and cake stencils as the detail level you can get is amazing, and the time to make something that looks really fancy is so much smaller than doing hand painting or other ‘by hand’ techniques.