Winter is Coming

    I had done gingerbread boxes before with results I was happy with. I had done fondant and royal icing decor on the outside and they looked nice. I wanted to step things up a bit and try a new technique.

    For the lid on this box, I knew I wanted to do stained glass. I’ve wanted to do stained glass for a while now and this was the prefect project. I pipped very soft gingerbread and used hard candies for the glass.

    This box was for a fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, so I also tired my hand a piping one of the family sigils from the show in gingerbread for the front of the box. The wolf head worked out well, I made several that survived the baking process – some didn’t survive the application process, but I had enough to work with.

    Both of these techniques I will be using again in the future.